The Parable of the Blue Dress

By Jill Bateman ‘15  Members of the General Council of the School Sisters of Notre Dame, based in Rome, Italy, visited NDP Tuesday, April 21. As part of the sisters’ visit, NDP hosted a special assembly featuring student speakers and musicians. Senior Jill Bateman opened up the ceremony with these remarks. One of the first […]

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Stone Soup and Other Tales of Advent

It is December, and the noise level is deafening. Not even a major snowstorm could muffle the holiday clamor. Everywhere, Christmas has been cranked up and marked down, blared and blasted, misappropriated and misunderstood. Hark! The herald… If somewhere an angel sings, it is impossible to hear above the din. These are the darkest days of the […]

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The SSND’s: Call and Response

The last thing Headmistress Sister Patricia McCarron does each morning before she heads out the door for NDP is to make sure she’s wearing her School Sisters of Notre Dame (SSND) lapel pin. It is a tiny accessory, smaller than a postage stamp, yet it represents something quite significant. To those who wear it, the […]

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Chris Kaiser: Loving Tenderly

On any given day, a steady succession of girls parades in and out of the office of NDP’s Dean of Students, Chris Kaiser. As Dean, Mrs. Kaiser’s responsibilities include overseeing all student activities and schedules as well as enforcing the school’s disciplinary policies. So there are any number of reasons why a student might drop by…or […]

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Why a Religious School?

Before the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and the resulting tidal wave that washed over Indochina and Sri Lanka, I had never heard of the term ‘tsunami.’  Since that devastating event, however, the word has become part of my vocabulary and turns out to be the perfect metaphor for contemporary culture. A tsunami has a momentum […]

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Blue Ribbon Year

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.    Aristotle. Does excellence matter? In an era where we give our kids trophies for striking out and kudos for feeling good about themselves (if not their actual skills) it begs the question…does excellence matter?  The U.S. Department of Education thinks […]

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And So It Begins

And so it begins. A new chapter in a never-ending narrative. Yet the story never gets old because the characters are endlessly fascinating. They fall into three categories: devoted parents and family; dedicated faculty and staff; and – at the center of it all – the vibrant and spirited student body. At the moment, our […]

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