Not So Fast

When I arrived at Notre Dame for a meeting yesterday morning, I had to create my own parking space, squeezing in between a 6 foot, rusty dumpster and an overgrown Rhododendron behind the school. Every other space had been reserved for graduation, to be held later that afternoon. This day, it would be every man […]

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One Story: Sydney Tommins

NDP senior, Sydney Tommins is delightfully and blissfully ordinary, which is meant to be taken as the highest of praise. In an era where teenagers are depicted – at least by the mass media – as overly experienced and world weary, jaded and full of sullen ennui, it is heartwarming to meet someone like Sydney […]

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The Class of 2019: Going Up!

It made sense at the time. Interview a group of 6th graders towards the end of the school year and find out how their first year at Notre Dame went. There were several flaws in the plan, however. For one thing, I dropped by to conduct this hard-hitting bit of investigative journalism on a day […]

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Oh! The Humanities!

Not long ago, Notre Dame alum, Bette Ellis O’Conor (’46) and her husband, Jim, approached NDP with an idea. In keeping with the college preparatory mission of the school, the O’Conors wanted to establish an academic program that would open the girls’ eyes and minds to the interconnectedness of coursework as a way to better […]

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Stacy Burke Danko ’82 Helping Hands Fundraiser @ Mt. Washington Tavern- Saturday May 4th

Stacy Burke Danko graduated from NDP in 1982. She spent her time at NDP being Penny Queen, serving as Lacrosse Manager, and winning Gym Meet…twice! Stacy lost her life to cystic fibrosis in February of 2009. To honor Stacy’s memory The Stacy Burke Danko Helping Hands Fund was created.  The Fund assists NDP students whose families […]

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