Pick A Club, Any Club

File this one under: “Something for Everyone” or “Learning In and Outside the Classroom” or… “Pick a Club, Any Club.” In an era where cutbacks for even the bare essentials have been made throughout nearly every public school system in the country, any student who attends a school where those very same essentials are protected […]

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Girls and Science: Fully Capable

Those involved in the nurture, training, and education of children sooner or later refer to the concept of a child’s potential: ‘Every child has great potential.’ Or, ‘Every child should be given opportunities to reach his or her full potential.’  It’s a noble concept and a worthwhile goal. But it has echoed out there for […]

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Blue and White and Green All Over

Consider this: If all 7 billion people on this planet consumed energy, resources, and materials at the rate we do in the United States, we would need 4 earths to accommodate that level of consumption and waste. In other words, it’s unsustainable. A lot of people have been trying to tell us this for quite […]

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