Counting Blessings, Not Sheep

By Cami Colarossi, Director of Communications   Next week is Thanksgiving, and that makes me think of Christmas. “White Christmas” specifically. The movie, not the weather.  In the holiday classic, Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney share a song over nighttime liverwurst sandwiches and glasses of buttermilk—“Count Your Blessings Instead of Sheep:” When I’m worried and […]

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Food for body and soul

by Steve Pomplon, Director of Service at NDP   Stone Soup Day is an annual event at NDP. And while most of the world might scoff at the idea of consuming something called Stone Soup, at Hampton Lane it is a hallowed meal. In the fading light of crisp November evenings one might find NDP […]

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The stuff that dreams are made on

By Maggie Ward, 36-year veteran of NDP’s English and drama programs It’ s that time again when my classroom fills up with hairspray and costumes, when I spend hours and hours with students programming lights and when the last few drop cloths and paint buckets are sorted so that the set crew can practice moving […]

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