NDP After Hours

If you visit Notre Dame during normal school hours you’ll find yourself in the thick of things wherever you go. Every corner of the school hums with activity and there’s an urgency to every task. After hours the school has an entirely different vibe. It’s quieter, which is not to say dull. Still, walking the […]

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Project Greenway: Fashion History

Scheduled conveniently between New York Fashion Week in mid-February and Paris Fashion Week in early March is every fashionista’s favorite: the second annual Project Greenway Fashion Show at Notre Dame Prep. Sponsored by NDP’s Art Department, organized by the Art Honor Society, and open to all students, Project Greenway is an event in which student […]

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Blue and White and Green All Over

Consider this: If all 7 billion people on this planet consumed energy, resources, and materials at the rate we do in the United States, we would need 4 earths to accommodate that level of consumption and waste. In other words, it’s unsustainable. A lot of people have been trying to tell us this for quite […]

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