Dame Maggie Ward

Yes, this is a post about Maggie Ward, NDP’s drama coach for more than 30 years, but don’t expect something out of Glee. NDP is no William McKinley High School of TV fame (thankfully), and Maggie Ward is neither a Will Schuster-wanna-be, nor a diva in her own right. In fact, the only theatrics she […]

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Happy Thanksgiving

Our only post this week is to wish everyone a very happy and blessed thanksgiving. Enjoy each other’s company. Eat well. Drive safe. Then come back and visit us next week for a post on teacher and director extraordinaire, Ms. Maggie Ward.

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STEAMed Chicken

Back when I was in advertising and making TV commercials, I used to love to walk through the set and listen to the film crew as they worked.  I’m talking about the grips and gaffers, soundmen and camera assistants. These are the guys who did all the technical work, which required a lot of heavy […]

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We Want to Hear from YOU

Bluenote has been posting for 2 months now and from the looks of it, with over 10,000 reads so far, we’ve got quite a following! It’s been a lot of fun, we’ve got a thousand ideas for new posts, and we can’t write them fast enough. But…we also want to hear from you. What’s on […]

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