The First of the Lasts

by Natalie Pucillo ’15 I don’t know about the rest of my sisters of pink and orange, but I walked into the first day of school absolutely terrified. It wasn’t that I thought I was going to get lost; three years of navigating the halls kept me feeling confident about my ability to make it […]

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Come as You Are

Back in June, a group of educators came together to plan what many individuals who work in places other than Catholic schools may not understand—a retreat. Not the typical corporate retreat where folks put on casual clothes and talk about goals and objectives, but rather a retreat to serve as an open-armed invitation to the […]

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How We See NDP

Dear Faithful Bluenote Readers, Every new school year brings exciting changes, and this year at Notre Dame Prep is no different! There’s a new STEAM Center (more on that later!); a gorgeous renovated convent where 14 SSNDs are living and folks from the Advancement and Finance Offices can be found busily at work; and a fun, […]

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