Meet our new faculty

This year, we welcome many new faculty members to the NDP campus. We wanted a unique way of introducing them to the community and asked them some off the wall questions. If you see a new face in the hall or around, please make sure to stop and welcome them and introduce yourself. Tommy Bender […]

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Carrots, Camels, Salads, and Silver Cups: Gym Meet Memories

It’s hard to explain, amazing to see, and unforgettable to all. Yes, we’re talking about NDP’s beloved tradition Gym Meet! Alumnae from all decades point to this 80-plus year-old competition and its many components—Calisthenics, then aerobics, marching, dance, and song! Larger-than-life props! Costumes made from trash bags! Left-left-left-right-left!—among their dearest recollections of NDP. The Silver […]

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You Can Go Home Again!

By Laura Kerney Mackle ’99, NDP Spanish teacher and recent celebrator at her 15th high school reunion Never did I imagine at graduation in 1999, that 15 years later I would be back at Notre Dame not as “Laura Kerney”, but as a faculty member in the Language Department. In August, I began teaching Spanish […]

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