Notre Dame Prep: In Six Words

In recent years, social media has provided a large canvas for authors who are eager to share their stories or memoirs…in six words. Probably the most famous six-word story, which is often credited (without substantiation) to Ernest Hemingway, reads: “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” This is an extreme example of short or “flash fiction,” which is […]

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I Love NDP Because…

Happy Valentine’s Day! We asked our students why they loved NDP and… …of course Gym Meet topped the list! And so did classes, teachers, activities, sisterhood, service opportunities, school spirit, and so much more!! Here are some of the reasons why “I love NDP”. BECAUSE… …the moment I step on campus, it is like walking […]

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The Messiah Among Us

By Tom Peri, Science Teacher Mr. Peri shared this story as a call to worship for a faculty liturgy earlier in the school year. In celebration of Catholic Schools Week and Lent, which begins next Wednesday, we offer it to you today. This year our theme and our challenge is to “Build a City of God.”  […]

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