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Bluenote has been posting for 2 months now and from the looks of it, with over 10,000 reads so far, we’ve got quite a following! It’s been a lot of fun, we’ve got a thousand ideas for new posts, and we can’t write them fast enough. But…we also want to hear from you. What’s on your mind? What aspects of Notre Dame would you like to read about?  If you’re a prospective student or parent, what would you like to know about today’s Notre Dame? If you’re an alum, what are some of your best NDP memories? How has NDP changed since you were a student here? If you’re a current faculty member, staff, or student, what stories are you sitting on that just need to be told? Is there an unsung hero among you? Someone who makes a contribution every day but never gets noticed? Is there a special girl with a hidden gift? Do you have a gem of a small story or the germ of a big one? Is there just something you’ve been dying to know?  Like…what’s the story behind those photos in the dining room? And, when did they start calling it the dining room, anyway? What’s a Penny Queen? Ever wonder who came before you? Who came after? And where are they now? Or,  does anybody ever get lost in the ever expanding facilities?  How has the lunch menu changed? What’s it like in the middle school? How many sets of siblings has NDP seen come and go? And where did that arch come from? We really want to hear from you and what’s on your mind. Drop us a line. Send us an e-mail. Click on the comment button, below. Let’s talk.

Next week: Why did the chicken cross the stage? And how did a few NDP engineering students help it get there?  That’s right. I said engineering students.

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  1. Thank you Claire for all of your work on this blog. As the school unofficial archivist I would have the answers to some of your questions (what is behind the photos in the “dining room?”) and would love the answers to others. One of my favorites would be “how many sets of siblings as well as mothers/daughters/granddaughters have walked these halls. I’m trying to capture some of that in a research project I’m doing now.
    As far as who went before us I have several stories, one of which I will share now. These all come under the category “did you know that…” Two young ladies attended Notre Dame of Maryland in the late 1920’s-1930 who transferred out when their father was elected the President of Colombia, SOuth America. Lucia Olaya entered NDM in September 1928 and left at the end of the school year in April 1930 after the election. She later went on to study abroad in Italy and Paris. She married an engineer in a privat chaple in the palace when she was 17. Her sister Maria entered NDM in January 1928 and left after 1929 when her father began his campaign.Maria also went on to study in Italy and had planned to return to Notre Dame in September o 1932. There is a letter from her mother implying that intent but I have found no more records af her subsequent attendance.
    Their father was Enrigue Olaya Herrera, Colombian Minister to Washington before being elected to the presidency. There is/was an airport named after him in Medellin, Colombia.
    some credits to Sunpaper, February 12,1930 and January 8, 1933 and NDP school records

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