How We See NDP

Dear Faithful Bluenote Readers,

Every new school year brings exciting changes, and this year at Notre Dame Prep is no different!


There’s a new STEAM Center (more on that later!); a gorgeous renovated convent where 14 SSNDs are living and folks from the Advancement and Finance Offices can be found busily at work; and a fun, sunny entrance into our Middle Level. The new paint color on the walls sparkles thanks to brighter and more efficient lighting throughout the school. In the classrooms, faculty are rolling out new curriculum and new courses. And at every turn, you see the fresh, smiling faces of our newest students–and, of course,  blindingly white saddles (at least for these first few weeks!).

And there are some changes with Bluenote, too!

cover artThis year, in the spirit of this year’s school theme “Embracing Umoja,” we are making Bluenote a community affair. Umoja in Swahili means “unity,” and it is the spirit of unity that we are drawing upon to introduce you to the varied and interesting voices of Notre Dame Prep. So in the upcoming months expect to hear from students, faculty, staff, alumnae, and friends of NDP as they unite to share their NDP stories with you!

Seniors getting ready to roar2As an example of “unity,” Bluenote is delighted to share with you some voices from our community! As part of the school’s new admissions effort, we asked everyone—students, teachers, staff—“How do YOU see NDP?” Their responses ranged from the serious to the fun, from the academic to the extracurricular, from the spiritual to the social. Here are some of those comments PLUS some fun “selfies” that people shared with us for our new view book, called “See Yourself at NDP!”

How We See NDP

“I see NDP as a place to learn academically, but also to grow as a person. Here I have learned so much and I have become a leader in my own way.” — Jennifer Mince ‘15

IMG_0476b“I see NDP as a place where girls can stretch their minds, their hearts and their spirit.” —   Tom Peri, Science Teacher

“NDP is where I feel truly comfortable and myself — #secondhome, #wheremygirlsat” — Morgan Peck ‘16

“I see NDP as a place where you can be yourself and have lots of different friends. NDP is my second home, the teachers are my second parents and the girls are my sisters. NDP is a fun, loving, faithful, and caring place.” — Lauren O’Connor ‘20

“Did I mention the food is really good here?” — Caroline Bender ‘20

“Notre Dame is a fun place to learn; I have a different experience in class every single day and that is something that I value.” — Maeve Sheehey ‘17dc 3

“I see NDP as a place that provides comfort, while also constantly pushing you to challenge yourself and your break comfort zones, which may seem contradictory, but it’s allowed me to achieve things that I never could have imagined.” — Hayley Burns ‘16

“I see NDP as a home, a challenge, and a call to go beyond the limits I previously created for myself.” — Chloe Ober ‘17

“NDP=home” — Lauren Strohman ‘17

image (2)“#tbh NDP is my home away from home, I am completely myself whenever I am here.” Elizabeth Erisman ‘18

So…how do YOU see NDP??? Let Bluenote know by sharing your comments.



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