Funding HER Future

By Patty Lagator Knott ’86, co-chairperson of NDP’s Honor Tradition…Value Change…Fund Her Future Capital Campaign

Who is SHE?who is she

SHE is Notre Dame. SHE is your daughter, your neighbor, your granddaughter, and your friend. SHE is a future Engineer, Lawyer, Professor, Scientist, Inventor, and Author. SHE can be anything!

SHE is the NDP girl who will transform our world.

logoOne year ago NDP launched the $5 Million dollar campaign “Honor Tradition, Value Change, Fund her Future.” Today I am pleased to say with the amazing support of our NDP community that goal has been reached and in turn the education of NDP’s current students and future students will be enhanced in amazing ways. Here are a just a few examples:

Increase in financial aid and scholarships for students.

Increased financial aid will make the difference for our current and future students between attending and not attending NDP. These funds will provide every deserving girl the gift of an NDP education.

STEAM & the Bette Ellis O’Conor Humanities Program

Wondering what these programs are? STEAM is Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math Program, which promotes interest in science-related fields, and Humanities is an interdisciplinary study which allows students to make connections among different subjects and concepts.STEAM

Research shows that science-related fields are male-dominated. How great is it that NDP is trying to change that? Girls in STEAM will engage in hands-on learning with up-to-date technology. All of this will prepare them for their future college endeavors and careers.

humanitiesInterdisciplinary studies like the Humanities program appeal to all types of learners. In these team-taught courses, students draw connections across subjects and look at the world creatively, critically and constructively—skills they will need in the ever-changing 21st-century.

Programmatic Improvements

With moneys raised for these efforts, we will be able to ensure Notre Dame’s long-term enrollment strength through creative marketing and strong operations.

This is just a glimpse into what exciting things will be happening at NDP!

As an alumna of the school, I’m pleased to see that Notre Dame continues to stay current and is constantly striving to improve its educational philosophies.

As a parent of two current NDP students, I appreciate that my daughters are recipients of these tremendous efforts.


And finally, as a co-chair of this capital campaign, I am thrilled that the NDP community realizes the value of an NDP education and continues to support it through their tremendous generosity.

So from the bottom of my NDP heart, I thank you! Thank you for supporting the traditions, changes and future of Notre Dame Preparatory School. We couldn’t have done this with out you!

Most importantly SHE thanks you.

SHE thanks you for empowering her to become the woman who will transform our world.bottom of my heart


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