Guilty (and not so guilty) Pleasures: 2015

LICHTENSTIEN-15770914_l_NEWGuilty pleasures. Admit it, readers. We all have them. Sex and the City, French mimes, chocolate in the glove compartment (you know who you are).  A guilty pleasure is something you enjoy despite feeling guilty about it. Sometimes the guilt is really just fear. Fear of being found out. Of others discovering your plebeian tastes in food, culture, entertainment…”art” (no matter how hard you argue the point, face it, there is no intellectual subtext in The Interview). Other times, it’s real guilt (“I know I shouldn’t get such a thrill out of watching Beyonce dance, but, honestly…how can you not watch? I mean, she’s a twitchy, twirly force of nature!”).

8101243_lSometimes, however, the guilt is completely unwarranted. Cases in point: 2 of everyone’s favorite pleasures: Girls’ Night Out and…Bingo. Yes, Bingo. The perfect game. It takes very little physical or mental energy to play. The odds of winning are far higher than say, playing the lottery. And you are considered to be at the top of your game by your peers if you can play more than one card at a time (especially if you are simultaneously pouring a glass of wine and passing the pretzels). What’s not to love?  Combine Bingo with Girls’ Night Out – something every woman deserves – and you have got the perfect not-so-guilty pleasure.

And, as usual, Notre Dame Prep is all over it. Because on Friday night, January 23rd,  NDP  will host its umpteenth annual Alumnae Cash Bingo Event, sponsored by the Alumnae Association, which is headed by the indomitable, Shawn Osmeyer (Class of ’88) – a force of nature in her own right.

A.-LICHTENSTEIN_NEWSo, the hubby and kids have to eat pizza for dinner again. One more night won’t kill ’em. And it’s not like you’re heading to the Blackjack tables in Atlantic City. It’s Bingo, for Pete’s sake! The same game of chance your parents are playing right now at the retirement community. This year’s theme is a variation on last year’s overwhelmingly popular Silver Cup Bingo, but with a longer title: The Never Ending Quest for the Silver Cup Bingo. And yes, the actual NDP Gym Meet silver cup plays a prominent role throughout the night. Plus, anyone who comes dressed in their class colors, gym tunic, or gym meet costume gets a special game card, increasing your chances of a win! But then, all alum receive a special game card, so…no pressure to dress up. On the other hand, if you can still fit into any of your old high school uniforms or costumes, it’s a great opportunity to show off a bit. And in case you’ve got even a smidgeon of guilt left in that pretty little head of yours, remember, it’s for a good cause! All proceeds go to the Alumnae Scholarship Fund. Last year’s event raised more than $16,000! The only girls eligible for this particular scholarship are the daughters of alum, based on need. So the whole evening is win-win for everyone involved! D._-23089795_l-1_NEW

Here’s how it works:

To register, go online and sign up for a single ticket or a table of 8.  Registration is  required. You can try buying tickets at the door, but the event – held in the school dining hall – is always sold out ahead of time, so chances are you’ll be (sigh) turned away. It’s been known to happen. I’m just sayin’.

Doors open at 6PM. Tables are reserved so there’s no need to scramble, but the whole event has morphed into a wildly fun tailgate party-meets-fundraiser event. Everyone brings their own delicious repast, C.-15770826_l-1_NEWwhich they set up at their own table. Everything from pretzels and beer to crab dip, cheese fondues, chicken satay, and more. Not to mention lots of pinots, cabs, and chardonnays. Shawn swears there’s still plenty of room for multiple bingo cards.  I take her at her word. The games begin at 7:15. All prizes are cash prizes, ranging from $40 to $200. With prizes like that, you might even make the cost of your ticket back! In addition, there are raffles including ones for a six-month membership to Ojas Wellness,  a Maryland-themed package, a gift card tree, a basket of liquor and an iPad Air. Best of all, there is a 50/50 raffle. Last year’s pot was $1500! Half of that could pay for your table of 8 and the cost of all the food and drink you bring, with enough left over to carry on the party elsewhere after the last game’s been played (or that new little black number, whichever you prefer).

B.-20011293_l_NEWIt is truly a wildly popular event (emphasis on wild…Shawn says the players get quite excited) and loads of fun for everyone. So don’t wait. Indulge in a not-so-guilty pleasure on Friday, January 23rd. Come to the annual Alumnae Association Cash Bingo event. Click here to reserve your seat, because tickets are going faster than you can say…



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