The Synchronized Swim Show is in Unison Once Again

By Mary Lorenz, ’19

MLSS5Now that Gym Meet is over, focus is shifting towards what for many is the highlight of their NDP Middle Level career, the eighth grade synchronized swim show. This year’s theme is Time of the Season. All selected songs tie back into the theme. For this year, songs such as “This is Halloween,” “Firework,” and “It’s Raining Men” are all part of the show. Dance and water stunts are both incorporated into the show. Every girl participates in at least one routine, but can sign up for additional routines that rehearse on the weekends.

MLSS1Producing the swim show is a group effort, and every single girl involved must be willing to try her best. The entire 8th grade must learn the opening dance, and each group has to commit their whole routine to memory as well. Groups practice between two and four times per week, and use their weekly swim class to polish routines also. The routines are made up of stunts girls have learned earlier in the school year.

MLSS10 MLSS16 MLSS11Mrs. Maggie Anton, the “showrunner” for the swim show, and her mom, both put in an incredible amount of effort to make the show a success. All dances and in-water routines are choreographed by Mrs. Anton, and she is also the one to teach all 57 eighth graders all the stunts that will later be put into the routines. She and her mom design and make all of the costumes, a task that is not easily completed. This adds an element of surprise to the show, because the costumes are not revealed until the dress rehearsal. To top it all off, both of them are at school until 5:30, five days a week, to run rehearsals. Additional practices are also held on the weekends, proving even more dedication. Without their hard work and determination, the show would not be successful.

MLSS17While the swim show does take a significant amount of work, there is never an unhappy moment. Girls are able to become closer with their group members, and working towards a common goal unites the class as a whole. The experience is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and one the entire eighth grade will remember for the rest of their lives.

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