The 7 Best Things about Attending NDP

The number seven is pretty special at Notre Dame Prep, from our seven grades—sixth through twelfth—to the seven columns marking the front entrance to the school.

So in that spirit of seven, here are the seven best reasons to attend NDP, as identified by those individuals who can develop such a list…NDP students!

  1. dressThe uniformBriana Abraham ’16 explains, “We are the only girls to wear them in the nation and we wear them pretty well. When I go to the store or restaurant after school, everyone always asks me questions about NDP, and alumnae always start conversation with what their Gym Meet themes were, class colors, and stories.” Andrea Youniss ‘17 concurs: “It’s so comfy, and it means I can wake up later because I don’t have to choose an outfit. When I go home after school, I keep it on as long as possible!”
  2. teachers studentsA community of learners and teachers—NDP’s challenging classes and special programs in STEAM and Humanities come alive thanks to a dedicated group of teachers who want to see their students succeed. “My favorite thing about being an NDP student is the relationships that I have developed with many of my teachers. I feel that at any time, no matter what the problem is, I am able to go to a teacher and ask for advice. I even consider some of my teachers to be good friends, as well as inspirations,” says Haley Dick ‘16.And the learning goes beyond the classroom, as Leia Sofia Mendez ‘19 explains: “I think NDP teaches a great deal of valuable lessons that talk about staying strong, smart, and wise, and I think those are very important lessons that will serve me well in my life.”
  3. DSC_0894The food—Yes, an army runs on its stomach, and so does a group of high school girls! Chicken tenders, mac-n-cheese, chicken Caesar wraps, pizza, BLTs, you name it (Jenna Thompson ‘17 is partial to the muffins). And many students agree that NDP’s taco salads are second to none!
  4. DSC_0086
    Mini Gym Meet 2015

    School spirit—Father Joseph McAndrews once wrote about NDP, “There’s a spirit about this place,” and the students concur. “I love how my NDP sisters and I can bond through the traditions here: the Gateway Ceremony, Gym Meet, big and little sisters, and so many more!” says Olivia Meyers ‘19.  “One of the best things about being an NDP girl is feeling the spirit that embodies NDP, every hallway, classroom, teacher, faculty, everything. And I can’t explain it, you can just feel it as soon as u [sic] enter,” writes Alex Ozazewski ‘20.

  5. IMG_0900
    Habitat for Humanity, Mississippi Trip 2013

    Service–According to Jozi Kozak ’17, “One of the top reasons it’s amazing to be an NDP student is the amount of opportunities we get to do service… [T]the volunteers I’ve met through different projects like RYP, Gallagher Center Special Friends, and Umoja are some of the coolest, insanely friendly girls who have different interests than me but a shared love for service. Not to forgot a key part of this volunteering—the beautiful people I’ve met through the different projects!…[T]hese new friends of mine have come from such vastly varied backgrounds, yet all have such radiant personalities and big hearts that I wish everyone in my life could be friends with them, too. Without the service opportunities…I never would have formed these relationships that I now can’t imagine my life without. So that, truly, is the most wonderful part of being in the NDP community—the exposure to diversity and the love I’ve found within it.”

  6. IMG_6862Sisterhood and community—“The best thing about being an NDP girl is the community available to you,” says Anna Zittle ‘18.  “As an NDP girl you become a part of another family made up of all of your sisters as well as the faculty/staff of NDP.  With this family comes love and support from everyone, for everyone, and it’s a beautiful thing that not everyone gets to experience.” Ellie Heffernan ’18 agrees: “No matter what you’re a part of, whether it is band, soccer, or stage crew…anybody can find her own little niche full of people with similar interests and ideas.”
  7. youselfA place to be yourself—No matter your academic, extra-curricular, athletic, or artistic interest, there is place for you at Notre Dame Prep. With just the right amount of classes (150+), clubs (more than 30), sports teams (both in the Middle and Upper Levels) and activities, every girl can find her bliss and be herself.

According to Sarah Sudano ’19, “Every day there is something to look forward to.” “There is something for everyone. Literally everyone, even my dog. #AnnieJR!” says Katie Gendron ’20. “The best thing to me is the opportunity to be unique and to be yourself,” emphasizes Emily Harper ’16.

What do you think are the best things about Notre Dame Prep? Bluenote wants to know!

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  1. I graduated in ’86 and now live in South Carolina with my husband and 4 kids. When we took our oldest to Clemson University his freshman year, we met a girl with an NDP ring on. It was like coming home! We compared notes about the teachers, cafeteria, swimming classes, Gym Meet, and much more. Today, my most favorite thing that I have from NDP is my school ring. I work in a Catholic high school now and have asked the principal to consider a ring design that is exclusive to our school just as the Onyx and Gold is to NDP. As with the uniform, people recognize it everywhere. If they don’t recognize it, they certainly ask about it and admire it as a beautiful school ring. I am still proud to wear the Onyx and Gold after all these years!

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