#MissionKindness in Action

IMG_5135At the opening prayer service for the Advent Season, the NDP community received a challenge: uncover kindness each and every day. Each morning in advisory, classes turn off the lights, quiet down, pray their Advent prayer, and select from a “grab bag” of ideas a challenge for the day. The challenges range from simple things such as opening a door for someone to more complicated tasks such as cleaning out closets and donating what you don’t use anymore. The mission is to be kinder to others and to do small, meaningful—and unexpected—things for others.

IMG_5146As a reminder to do the challenge for the day, all students colored a Christmas tree to hang on their locker.

Over the last week, the community has been on #MissionKindness . In the short video below, a few of the girls share some of the ways that they are uncovering kindness in and beyond the NDP community.

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