I Love NDP Because…

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

We asked our students why they loved NDP and…

…of course Gym Meet topped the list! And so did classes, teachers, activities, sisterhood, service opportunities, school spirit, and so much more!!

Here are some of the reasons why “I love NDP”.


NDP heart…the moment I step on campus, it is like walking into my second home.  –Hannah 2018

…of the great environment and abundance of opportunities to thrive.  –Lauren 2016

…the girls are true, and our dresses are the best <3.  –Andrea 2017

…the academics are challenging yet rewarding, and the teachers are great.  –Autumn 2017

Pink heart…NDP has become my second home. I can always be myself at NDP. I have made so many great memories and so many great friends who have become my sisters <3. – Julie 2018

upside down…Every day I can face and conquer challenges while having fun!  –Lizzy 2018

…NDP helped me to see things in myself that I never saw.  –Andrea 2017

…I learned what sisterhood means and feel a connection to the world around me. –Holly 2016

Arrow heart…I have been given the choice to meet and befriend an amazing group of girls that I can now call sisters.  –Sydney 2019

…I’ve learned that I can change the world with my voice.  –Ella 2016

…I can wake up every morning with a smile on my face and say I am happy to be here! – Audrey 2021

…I am able to learn and grow in a non-judgmental environment. Everyone continuously encourages each other. All students here are thankful for the teachers and classes.– Maggie 2017

Why do you love NDP? We want to know!

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