Carrots, Camels, Salads, and Silver Cups: Gym Meet Memories

It’s hard to explain, amazing to see, and unforgettable to all.

Yes, we’re talking about NDP’s beloved tradition Gym Meet!

Gym meet 2015 NDP Notre Dame Prep
Bill McAllen Photography 2015

Alumnae from all decades point to this 80-plus year-old competition and its many components—Calisthenics, then aerobics, marching, dance, and song! Larger-than-life props! Costumes made from trash bags! Left-left-left-right-left!—among their dearest recollections of NDP. The Silver Cup looms large in the hearts and minds of many alums, especially those whose classes won it twice (not accomplished since 1986).

Today Gym Meet memories are shared as soon as they happen on social media. In the spirit of the moment, we went to Facebook and asked NDP followers to share their favorite Gym Meet memory.  The response was overwhelming! Here, from the alumnae themselves, are some of NDP’s favorite memories of the only-at-NDP tradition, Gym Meet.

Trish S.: That our Class of ’76 never won.

Michelle C-B: That our Class of ’80 won junior and senior year

Class of 86Joanne M.:  Railroads, street signs, hotels, utilities will lead us to the silver cup only once was not enough roll the dice will show our stuff and win the game…class of 86!
Something like that…

Judith F.: I have all the words on the handout we were give 30 years ago along with all four programs with handwritten scores.

Emma C. ’14: Sarah H. spending hours doing extra aerobics practice with me because I was so uncoordinated I could never get it!

camelPatty C.: Being the rear end of a camel!

Christina C.: My class, the class of ’78 won twice in Sophomore and in Senior year! Yoo-hoo!

Joanne C: Our 1983 Salad!!!

Fiona C.: Hands (or forks down) OUR SALAD was a memory maker!!!!

Paula H.: The salad of 1983 was epic, ground-breaking, trendsetting. OK, maybe not that but it was certainly unique

carrotFiona C.: I was a carrot

Dottie T-K.: The class of ’84 truly became sisters, every year, as we united for our common goal and eventually with our victory when we were “The Class for All Seasons” —Pink and Green 4 ever!

Maggie H.: 2013 winning aerobics, dance, and poster our junior and senior year!!!

Class of 84Joanne M.: Winning because we deserved to win. Earning the win. Back when the motto in life was, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger….

Levelle B.: Mo-no-po-ly brings vic-tor-y! Twice! Class of ’86!

Jennifer D.: Class of 88 chanting “are you tense when you sense there’s a storm in the air.”

Laura J.S.: No comment…The myth was real. A heavy burden to carry.

Bluenote wants to know…what is YOUR favorite Gym Meet memory?

Gym meet 2015 NDP Notre Dame Prep
Bill McAllen Photography 2015

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