Meet our New Faculty

This year NDP welcomed 13 new members to our faculty and staff. To get to know them better, we asked them to answer some questions. Here are three fun facts about the new members of our community.

Tim Winters – UL STEAM Coordinator and Engineering Teacher
1. Describes his handwriting as Simple.1671586-poster-1280-missingink
2. Was named after St. Timothy and St. Joseph
3. Loves NCIS

Bridget Ryder – Religion Teacher
1. Describes herself as outgoing, witty, loud, compassionate and balanced.
2. She is looking forward to supporting her students in their faith and life journeys.
3. A high risk sport to try? Roller Derby…for the fun nicknames!

Tommy Barr – Science Teacher
1. He is anti lunch meat.
2. Has BOTH his tonsils and his wisdom teeth removed.
3. The farthest place he has been away from home is Indonesia.

Lizzy Fleischman – Science Teacher
1. She is an IND alum.
2. She enjoys singing, coaching and traveling outside of the classroom.
3. Reese’s Puffs is her favorite cereal.

Colleen Helie – Art Teacher
1. Favorite color=cerulean blue.sunset-beach-chairs-stock-footage
2. Loves to draw.
3. Mountains or beach? Beach all the way!

Terry St. Laurent – College Counselor
1. Born in Indiana.
2. She doesn’t untie her shoes when she takes them off.
3. Enjoys running, reading, and photography.

Celia McGrain – MS Learning Specialist
1. A step aerobics teacher.
2. Is most excited to work with and learn from our girls.
3. Is named after her mother.

Rusty Kahl – Physics Teacher
1. Loves roast beef.
2. Loved Daredevil.
3. Currently reads Wired Magazine for enjoyment.

Dr. Jess Simmers – Biology Teacher
1. Favorite color=cornflower blue.
2. Describe herself as fun, analytical, detailed, joyful, and creative
3. Born in West Chester, PA.

Colleen Driscoll – Events Manager
carvel1. Her favorite ice cream is Baseball Nut from Baskin Robbins
2. Her favorite TV show is Top Chef.
3. She is currently reading “Calling Me Home”

Kara Gioioso – Social Service Assistant
1. Her handwriting is constantly changing.
2. She enjoys meditating, reading and barre classes outside of work.
3. She would be a purple crayon if she lived in a box of 64.

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