My Favorite Things about Being a Nun

sisteract_posterThis year’s fall musical is Sister Act, and though many of you know the plot, here is the run down—A “professional” night club singer, Deloris Van Cartier (that’s me), witnesses her not-so-great boyfriend, Curtis, played by Brad Sweigart, kill one of his goons, and so Deloris is put into witness protection… at a convent… with a bunch of nuns…yeah. There’s a movie, too. Sister Act with EGOT(“Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony”) winning Whoopi Goldberg as Deloris! So Whoopi has a bit of an adventure at the convent. But to find out exactly what you’ll have to see the show!

So my top 5 favorite parts about “being a nun “(who is actually a wayward woman running away from the married lover she fell for and who now wants to kill her)                                         whoopisbackinthehabit

  1. The Habit

I will admit at first I wanted to dress it up a little, add some sequins maybe some rhinestones and my favorite boots, but it grew on me. It’s not the most comfortable, but it’s simple, and I don’t have to worry about what combination of glamorous articles of clothing I’m going to wear- I put it on and go… kind of like another dress I wear.

  1. How Other People Treat Nuns

So Maddie Saldana who plays Mother Superior makes it very clear that I am supposed to stay inside the convent at all times… let’s just say that doesn’t happen. The good news is that people really like nuns! They’re very nice to nuns in habits and someone buys me a cheesesteak! I went to Catholic school as a kid, and I did not have the best experience with nuns ,but maybe these people knew some kind nuns (like the ones at NDP).

  1. The Gorgeous Church

img_2915Stage managers Rachel Wolniak and Katherine Battaglia designed a gorgeous set and along with the help of the dedicated crew and engineering classes, they were able to create a church complete with stained glass and everything! The church was a bit quiet when I got there but that changed fast! That’s because I continued doing something else I love…


I love to sing! And this works out- this is a musical after all! The music in this show is a mix of R&B, soul music and traditional musical theatre and it is unlike any from past shows. Each sister has a lovely voice, from Haley Metzger who plays Sister Mary Patrick to Cailyn Walters who plays Sister Mary Martin-of-Tours, and together we make some joyful noise!

Check out the Flash Mob that took place during lunch earlier this week!

  1. The Sisterly Love!sisterlove

There is one thing I love more than the beautiful church and the perks of “being a nun” combined, and that is the sisterly love! In all seriousness, there is no place I’d rather be than on stage with my sisters and that love will definitely be clear all throughout our performances. This show has been an escape from the craziness that is applying for college and senior year and allowed me to spend time doing what I love with new people that I now love as sisters and friends I have known for years.

The moments we share are unforgettable, and though there is a lot of incredible acting in action on the NDP stage, the love between sisters? That’s as real and genuine as it gets. Every person who contributed to this production- from the students playing in the pit band to Ms. Ward the director, Ms. Amanda the choreographer, and Ms. Bilenki the patient vocal teacher who taught six-part harmony to inexperienced as well as experienced singers, are the irreplaceable puzzle pieces that make up this show.

And though this is a somewhat biased opinion, THIS IS ONE HECK OF A SHOW!! Come #PACKTHEAUDpt3 Friday November 11th at 7:30, Saturday November 12th at 7:30 and Sunday November 13th at 3:00! Tickets available on our website.


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