NDP in 6

number6-6Describing a meaningful experience can be difficult. Narrowing it down to just six words is be even harder. Bluenote challenged our girls and alums to give us the six words that describe Notre Dame Prep. In receiving numerous replies, we noticed a few key themes arising from the exercise: sisterhood, transformation, academic challenge, tradition, community, fun.

Here is a sampling of the many responses Bluenote received; they are short, sweet, and utterly NDP:

  • There’s a spirit about this place
  • Class of two thousand and awesome
  • Work that prepares me for world
  • A place where I can succeed!
  • Loving, inclusive, stellar, excellent, unity, awesome
  • Welcoming, tradition-filled, a community, supportive, spirited, sisterhood
  • Where NDP sisters transform into women
  • Blue and white brings girls delight
  • We think outside of the box
  • NDP has a fun, nurturing environment
  • Sophisticated, prepared, helpful education, modern, religious
  • Honest, joyful, exciting, traditional, unique, nurturing
  • Blue be loyal, white be true
  • Great academics, sisterly love, really fun
  • Working women who transform the world
  • From a Parent: A place where Heaven has sisters
  • Girl power at its most awesome
  • Tradition is key when at NDP
  • Sisters 4ever, jump in and love it
  • Always live, love, joy; journey onward
  • Spread the love! Spread the NDP!
  • Detention: a time for cleaning bookcases
  • Inspiring, motivational, passionate, humble, accepting, enthusiastic
  • Act justly, love tendering, walk humbly
  • From an Alum: Home, Friends, Traditions, Security, Memories, SSND’s
  • From a Parent: Girls grow into righteous thoughtful leaders


What six words would YOU use to describe NDP? Please share…Bluenote wants to know!

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