Top Ten Reasons to Attend Catholic Schools

It is Catholic School Week and reasons abound to celebrate the wonderful faith-based institutions of which Notre Dame Preparatory is part. At this time, we celebrate with our students, faculty/staff, and families all of the reasons why Catholic education is great. Here is our Top 10 at NDP!

10. Uniforms
catholic-schools-weekWho wants to get up in the morning and pick out what they wear? The beauty of wearing the same thing every single day is you do not have to think when you get up in the morning. You throw on the blue dress and saddles and you are good to go. Most alums would admit that the simplicity of a uniform is one thing that they really miss when in the real world.

9. Lunches
The number of choices and the quality of food does not disappoint in Catholic Schools and NDP’s café is the best. Many of our girls eat lunch daily in the café and love all of the options that they have to choose from for lunch.

8. Dedicated Teachers and Staff
Teachers and staff make the school. Our girls always come back to visit and thank the ones who have made the biggest impact on them.  Those that give their lives to teaching at Catholic schools are dedicated to not only teaching their subject but also teaching Catholic teachings.

7. Excellent & Balanced Education
Catholic schools have a reputation for offering an outstanding education; NDP is not an img_0819exception when it comes to this. Our girls are well prepared for college and beyond. Our girls’ education also includes physical, psychological and spiritual aspects as well music, P.E. and world cultures.

6.Planting Seeds
Whether you are in Catholic Schools for eight, 12 or even 16 years, it does not guarantee that you will live a virtuous life. What Catholic education does is plant a seed of the Catholic faith. While there might be many roadblocks and oppositions along the way, we hope that, as you become an adult you will fully embrace the Church and the road to salvation that is illuminated.

5. Friends for a lifetime
Catholic School students learn to experience God’s grace and presence through relationships in their lives. Classmates play an important part of the img_1742Catholic school experience and many of these relationships last a lifetime. Here at NDP, the sisterhood is one of the strongest aspects that our alumnae talk about years and years after they have left the campus. Many even say that they are still best friends with girls they graduated with from NDP.

4. Freedom to talk about God and Pray
Prayer, Mass, and talking about God on a daily basis is legal and is a welcome part of our day as a Catholic school. Each day our girls are encouraged to spend time talking with God and praying for those in our community and beyond.

3. Service Learning
Service learning is a staple in Catholic Schools. At NDP, our girls have the opportunity to img_1121participate in service almost every single week of the whole year. The girls give back thousands and thousands of hours each year to local organizations, as well as traveling on trips nationally and abroad for service. This fosters a sense of sharing and serving others that we hope will last a lifetime for our girls.

2. Safe & Disciplined Environment
Our girls feel comfortable coming to school. NDP welcomes the girls into a safe environment where a lot is expected of them. Catholic schools have much higher expectations when it comes to how students act and present themselves; this is no different at NDP. The girls have high standards set for them and are encouraged to live up to them inside and outside of the building.

1. Christ centered
Whether it be attending Mass, praying for a family in need, or attending religion class each day, Christ is always front and center in the education of our girls. And we strive daily to be Christ to one another through our actions and interactions.

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