The bond of Sisterhood – #NationalSiblingsDay

Every year on April 10th social media explodes with images of siblings in celebration of National Siblings Day.

To mark this special day, we asked seven sets of Notre Dame Prep siblings to describe what it is like to have their sisters with them in the same building every day.

  1. Battaglia Sisters—Katherine, a senior, and Christina, a freshmanfreshman retreat.

According to Christina, Katherine is the “light of her life” and best friend: she cannot imagine who she would be if Katherine was not her sister.

For Katherine, it is especially meaningful that as she experiences everything for the last time, Christina is experiencing it for the first time. She says, “There is something so special about that. Something that I’ve been waiting to do ever since I was a freshman.”


  1. Cannon Sisters – Kerry and Kate are eighth-grade twins.Kate and Kerry field day May 2015

Being twins, these two athletic red-heads agree that they are best friends. Ready to help out when one does not understand an academic subject, they also share the same favorite memory from their time so far at NDP: Swimming together in the synchronized swim show.


  1. Franklin Sisters – Molly is an 8th grader and Emily is a seniorimage1.

Emily loves seeing her little sister in the NDP dress. Seeing her each day at NDP is special, and she is at the ready to share the do’s and don’ts of NDP life.

Seeing her big sister in the hallways and talking to her makes Molly’s day. She also likes asking Emily advice about the Upper Level and her transition there next year.


  1. McCarron Sisters – Sister Patricia McCarron is the headmistress and Mrs. Mary Agnes Sheridan is a Middle Level Math teacher.

12764576_10154073609089131_2970814046811596094_oSister Patricia’s favorite memory is the 2013 Gateway Ceremony when Mrs. Sheridan’s daughter, her niece Emily, walked through the archway as a 6th grader in her new blue dress and saddles shoes! For her, it was a moment of joy and pride. She also cherishes seeing her sister put love into action each day as a teacher. “Her energy and passion are contagious!”

Mrs. Sheridan’s favorite memory at NDP was celebrating Sister Patricia’s 25th Jubilee as an SSND. For her, it was a recollection of Sister Patricia’s vocation and “it was fun to celebrate it at NDP where her journey began.” To her, Sister Patricia is the best Big Sister anyone could wish for, and she loves her more than anything!

  1. Lorenz Sisters – Katie and Mary are twins in the 10th grade.IMG_2470

Agreeing that they are best of friends, the Lorenz girls, both of whom are avid horse riders, love sharing classes and memories made here at NDP. The music trips to Nashville and Williamsburg have been a particular highlight for the sisters.


  1.  Sudano Sisters – Sarah and Libby are sophomore twins, Catherine is an 8th graderIMG_3182 and Fifi is an incoming 6th grader

The girls agree that the best part of having sisters at NDP is sharing in classes and activities. Catherine looks up to the older two and feels very supported by the girls. Sarah calls Libby her “motivational partner” when it comes to school work. Fifi will have many coaches showing her the ropes next year!



  1. Laudeman Sisters – Madison is a senior, Lucy is a freshman, and Piper is a 7th grader.


This talented group of sisters enjoys performing at NDP. Piper’s favorite memory is wowing the crowds at the annual dance assemblies with their Irish Dancing.  Madison enjoys the daily car rides with her sibs and loves acting like she doesn’t know them when she sees them in the hallways. It’s something they all laugh about!

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