5 Tips for Having a Great Shadow Day

The sights and sounds of the Admissions Office lead us to believe that a new season is upon us.  Our first shadows have walked through the doors. Ambassadors gather in the lobby with smiles ready to greet our prospective families. Preparations for Open House phone-call-feature-red-890x506are in the works and the admissions office is buzzing with phone calls.

We asked our freshmen what advice they have for prospective students coming to visit for their Shadow day. Here is what they told us.

  1. Ask your shadow questions.

Do not be nervous to ask many questions. Not only does it allow you to find out more about Notre Dame Prep and how you would fit in but also you may learn things that you didn’t know about classes, friends, sports, traditions, or clubs. This is a great way to get to downloadknow the school and learn more about where you can fit in your interests.

  1. Be comfortable. We are all your sisters.

We want you to be comfortable and see yourself here for high school. Each one of our girls becomes your sister and we want you to meet as many girls as you can. Introduce yourself to other girls that you are sitting next to in classes or chat with others during lunch. You never know you may meet someone who could become a mentor or friend in your years at NDP.

  1. It is ok if you do not understand what is happening in class.

Remember that you are a year behind your shadow and in class, they may be doing things that you have never heard of before. It is completely ok if you do not understand but try to listen or participate if you know the answer. You will soon be in your ambassador’s shoes and know exactly what to do in class.

  1. Get to know your ambassador.

You and your ambassador are paired for a reason and have many things in common. Ask her questions and get to know her. She could become your teammate, your lab partner, a


mentor in the light booth, or a bandmate. The more you get to know her and her friends, the more familiar faces you will have in the halls next year to say hello.

  1. Have fun.

This is probably the most important piece of advice that the girls could give to you. Enjoy your time here and start to see yourself as part of the NDP community.



On October 14th , NDP will host their annual Open House from 8:30 am to Noon. Register today to come see all that NDP has to offer.

Need to schedule a Shadow day? Sign up now online!

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