A Celebration of Art at NDP

This week, Notre Dame Prep was all about art and the color, design, and excitement it brings to our community. For the culmination of Art Week, the much-anticipated annual Middle Made and Project Greenway Fashion Shows, our girls worked tirelessly designing, making, and modeling dresses made entirely from repurposed materials.

Art Week also affords the time to highlight other pieces of student-created art. Throughout the year, students have used a host of different media to express their creativity through sculpture, painting, and drawing to capture the world around them. We asked members of the National Art Honors Society to submit their artwork along with a statement that describes what art means to them.

Anna N 1

I love art because it allows me express myself without the use of words. It gives me freedom to be creative. – Anna N., ‘18

Zoe G 21 - 1

I love art because it allows me to express myself. With art I can create anything that floats through my mind no matter how odd it is. Art also allows me to show how I am feeling and what topics I am currently interested in. – Zoe G., ‘21 

Melissa Borgerding 2019

I love art because it is a way to express what you are feeling in that moment. I love that art can appeal to a variety of people because everyone can have an appreciation for it but also have their individual perspectives on it. – Melissa B. ‘19

Clarisse Dapul 2021

This is my first attempt at a still life painting. I love art because it gives me a creative outlet during my day. It’s great how I’m able to explore different types of art and different parts of my creativity. I also love that it’s never too late to try a new kind of art!  – Clarisse D., ‘21

Elbreta Chelapurath 2019

I love art because I can use it to express my talent and skills. Art can be a challenge which I have to accomplish. I love how I can create a blank white sheet into something beautiful. – Elbreta C. ‘19


I love art because it teaches me to look at the world differently and to be more observant of the environment around me. It challenges me to express myself in a way that takes time and patience. The best thing about art is that it can be interpreted so many different ways from so many different perspectives. – Elaine S. ‘20

Alexia Smith 2020

Art allows me to be imaginative and think outside the box. I love art because there is no right or wrong and I can express my creative outlook. I love art because I love the process and being able to see my work come to life. I love art because anything is possible! – Alexia S. ‘20

rolling stones

I love art because I can express new ideas and create original painting and drawings that are unique. Painting and drawing is fun and therapeutic for me, and I can design creative representations of what I love. – Jenna C. ‘19

I love art for many reasons because it is calming for me to paint or draw. I also love to create places any way I like. I love art because it is fun to create my own art work and explore others. – Hannah D., ‘21

Siandra Chelapurath 19

I love art because I am able to express my creativity, emotion, and feelings through my artworks. It is a way of sharing my talent with others. Sometimes, it is easier for me to express my thoughts onto paper instead of words. It also makes a person feel accomplished after creating an artwork that he or she is proud of and had put their full effort in.  – Siandra C. ‘19

Gloria Healy 18

Being an artist allows me to express myself and show emotion that would otherwise be difficult to show. this is my favorite piece because it shows the literal and figurative depth of my favorite place in the world, the restaurant that my dad managed when I was a kid. It no longer exists and I showed it through the eyes of a child. I love being able to put my perspective into my work. – Gloria H. ‘18

Rianna Lowery '21

“Art at NDP has really changed me as I person. I love that I am able to clear my mind during the day, forget all my worries, and express myself through my art work.” – Rianna L., ’21

Sophia Ocampo 2020

I have loved creating art since I was young and I do not plan on stopping. My art has been a great outlet for my creativity and the NDP art program has helped me grow as an artist. – Sophia O., ‘20

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