Remembering Chas

I never met Chastity Brione Dunnaville…

Four years ago, as a freshman in the fall of 2014, I became a very appreciative recipient of the Chastity Brione Dunnaville Scholarship. It has been a blessing that has afforded me so many opportunities, has helped my family tremendously, and continues to be a blessing that grows and manifests itself in my life. IMG_1863.JPGNow as a newly graduated senior from the Class of 2018, only weeks after making the walk in my white dress with red roses to receive my diploma, I have been particularly reflective of the gifts I received during my time at NDP and of the people in my life who worked very hard to make it all possible; there were many. And then there is that one special woman who walked the same halls, wore the same uniform, participated in the same school traditions, and received her diploma in a white dress and holding roses who I never met: my NDP sister, Chastity Brione Dunnaville. My older sisters were fortunate to know her and Maria even shared a class with her on Women’s Issues. It took only a very short time to learn a whole, whole lot about Chastity. She was a perfectionist, demanded much of herself, loved life, was a compassionate friend, an adored daughter and sister, and made it a priority to help others. It’s no surprise she was awarded the White Blazer in 2006 and went on to attend the Naval Academy where she excelled in sports and worked at serving others, which was of paramount importance to her.

She has provided me with the determination and desire to work harder, love deeper, and serve God and others better. She did all of these things and I have learned so much about her legacy and life over the past four years. She is an esteemed role model for me and for so many others.

I never met Chastity Brione Dunnaville…

They say that a person’s family and the people they choose to surround themselves with are reflective of who they are. I have met some of Chas’s inner circle and have come toms. taryn know her mom, Ms. Taryn, and her brother Quad. The Dunnaville family has made it a priority to celebrate Chas’s life in many ways. One important annual event is the “Crabs for Chas” fundraiser, always held in July at NDP. It is at this event that the new recipients of the Chastity Brione Dunnaville Scholarship are presented to the hundreds of family members and friends that dress to the nines (to eat crabs!) and honor a remarkable woman who so many of us aspire to be. Ms. Taryn is a strong, beautiful woman with a huge heart. She knows all of the scholarship recipients and makes it a priority to do so. She even very recently attended the NDP pre-prom party that Lucy (my co-recipient) and I attended. Lucy asked her to come, and she was there!

There is another time I will never, ever forget as it was the single worst day of my IMG_5223.JPGlife and the day it turned upside down. It was in March of 2017 when I lost my Dad suddenly and unexpectedly. Ms. Taryn was there for me and let me know that she always would be—and I believe she always will. She was one of the few people whose heart understood mine. Quad, Chas’s brother, offered to help me organize my thoughts for writing my college essays. I took him up on it and the process proved to be a lot less stressful than I had anticipated. These are some of the blessings I alluded to above. Strangers have become family.

I have recently graduated from NDP and am about begin the next phase of my life. But in doing so, I will not forget how I was able to get here, to this point. Thankful beyond all words, I look forward to the time I am able to pay forward the gifts I have received. In the meantime, I will continue to work hard, love deeply, and serve God and others as best as I can.

I never met Chastity Brione Dunnaville…

But I know her, I am thankful for her, and I will make her and her family proud!

Written by guest contributor Caroline Y. ’18, one of the recipients of the Chastity Dunnaville Scholarship.

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  1. Beautifully said…so very touching and inspiring. I know your Dad and Chas are so very proud of you!

  2. Beautiful and heartfelt. This is the heart of NDP sisterhood. I wish ALL NDP girls were able to share and feel this special bond. Congratulations to Chas’s family for providing a lasting legacy in memory of their very special daughter.

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