This week we celebrated NDP’s third annual Philanthropy Week. A fun yet educational week, our students learn about the important role philanthropy plays in making NDP such great place to learn and celebrate the generosity of all those who support the school through their time, talent, and treasure. Led by the NDP GIVES club, this weeklong celebration highlights the impact of philanthropy not only here at NDP but in our world. We are planting the seeds to inspire the philanthropists of tomorrow, the women who will transform the world. As our students learned this week, they are already well on their way.

The NDP GIVES Club is made up of representatives from every Upper Level advisory. Together the club works hard to engage students and the broader NDP community. From thank-a-thons, writing valentine’s to donors, and more, these students are using their time and talents all while practicing philanthropy every day at NDP.

NDP GIVES stands for:

  • NDP
  • Girls
  • Investing . . . their gifts to support what they believe in
  • Volunteering . . . to promote justice
  • Engaging . . . students from the past, present, and future
  • Serving . . . NDP and the broader community

In honor of Philanthropy Week, we asked a few of the girls from the club to share their insights on philanthropy!

What does philanthropy mean to you?

To me, philanthropy is giving back to one’s community. Emma P. ‘20

I think philanthropy means giving back to the community for the greater good of everyone. Jessica S. ‘21

Philanthropy means learning to dedicate time to helping people other than myself. It has taught me to focus on how my actions can benefit the people around me so that I can create better environment for everyone.  Hannah G. ‘21

Why do you think philanthropy is so important here at NDP and in the world?

Philanthropy at NDP helps to fund so many of the incredible opportunities we provide for the girls here. It does the same thing for the world as a whole, through philanthropy we can create great opportunities for a wide variety of people. Hannah G. ‘21

Philanthropy aligns with our principles of Catholic Social Teaching, which we learned about in religion class. These principles instill the importance of taking care of others and giving back.  Jessica S. ‘21

Why did you join the NDP GIVES club?

I joined the NDP GIVES club because I thought it would be a great way to meet classmates I do not know and wanted a chance to interact and speak with alumna and donors to know them on a more personal level. Emma P. ‘20

I joined the NDP GIVES club because I wanted to help NDP raise money and generate support for all of the amazing programs we have. Hannah G. ‘21

What has been your favorite part of the club?

Talking with alumnae and others during our thank-a-thons. You can talk to them about anything and there is always a common bond. So much has changed, but so much has also remained the same through shared traditions. Jessica S. ‘21

My favorite part of NDP GIVES had been talking to people about the ways their money and support helps to strengthen our community. Hannah G. ‘21

My favorite part of the club has been the phone-a-thons. I love getting to talk and speak with past NDP alumna, parents, grandparents, donors, etc. and getting the opportunity to get to know them. I love being able to speak about my current experience at NDP and hearing stories and memories of past students. Emma P. ‘20

Philanthropy is everywhere you look! From A to Z, so much of what makes NDP great is made possible by philanthropy.

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