2020 Archdiocesan Distinctive Scholars

We would like to take a moment to honor each of Notre Dame Prep’s three 2020 Archdiocesan Distinctive Scholars: Catherine K. ’20, Julia M. ’20, and Margaret S. ’20. They each received stole along with a congratulatory letter from Sister Patricia in the mail earlier this week. We are so proud of all three of them for their hard work, leadership, and dedication to their Faith.

Catherine K.Catherine K. ’20

Catherine is an ambitious, poised, and confident young woman. Her enthusiasm for all she endeavors is noticeable and without restraint; whether she is leading a class discussion, serving as the President of Student Council, or singing in Concert Choir. She is a dedicated and talented student leader, giving credit to her teachers, and willing to help fellow classmates achieve success. Notre Dame Preparatory School strives to instill in students academic excellence, spiritual growth, and the practice of social justice. Catherine not only embodies these principles, but she also pursues activities that allow her to teach them to others. Catherine is a member of the Cum Laude Society, an AP Scholar with Honors, and a National Merit Commended Scholar. Although Catherine has many gifts, she quickly clarifies that her most rewarding experiences have occurred when she is serving others. Catherine exemplifies the School Sisters of Notre Dame’s belief in the transformative power of service and seeks experiences that bring about a positive change and a lasting impact.

Julia M. ’20Julia M.

Julia embodies Notre Dame Preparatory School’s belief that courageous pursuit of systemic change, wherever needed, will transform the world. Julia is a gifted young woman, passionate about all of her pursuits and accomplishments. She is well informed and seeks knowledge beyond the classroom for the sake of creating a better understanding of the world around her. Awarded an Art Scholarship to attend NDP, Julia has a deep appreciation for the arts, whether she is playing the cello, singing with the Peabody Children’s Chorus, or creating unique art pieces. In addition, Julia is a member of the Cum Laude Society and an AP Scholar of Distinction. Although a gifted student and artist, Julia embodies the mission of the School Sisters of Notre Dame when she states it is her work in the service of others where she finds most meaning. Julia believes the bonds created and connections made will be what make a difference when creating a global society. Working with the Refugee Youth Project, Julia was able to use art to begin to build a relationship with a young student. With little common language, Julia used artwork as a means of communication. The smile the finished product produced was easily translated.

Maggie_4x5_format_high_resMargaret S. ’20

Margaret is a focused, intelligent, and humble young woman. She has a myriad of interests and seizes opportunities to be involved in her school community, all the while maintaining a highly demanding academic course load. Notre Dame Preparatory School’s mission, “to educate and empower girls to become women who transform the world,” inspires Margaret to be a leader among her peers, striving to one day make a difference in the scientific field. Margaret is a member of the Cum Laude Society and a National Merit Commended Scholar. Margaret’s teacher remarks, “When she speaks, her classmates intently listen, appreciating her perspective and candor.” Her interest in science led Margaret to an astrophysics internship at the Space Telescope Science Institute, programming and plotting star data. Margaret aspires to fulfill the School Sisters of Notre Dame’s belief that we are called to serve in all forms. From volunteering at Hamilton Arts Collective, to serving as a writer for the Gateway School Newspaper, to attending the Youth Ocean Conservation Summit, Margaret’s potential is limitless.

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