junior ring: ceremony and sisterhood

Notre Dame Prep’s Junior Ring Day is more than a day, a piece of jewelry, or a dance. “Ring” is a true-blue tradition that marks a pivotal moment in each student’s life: it is the moment she transforms into an upperclassman. This treasured tradition bonds not only the Junior classmates to each other, it connects them to generations upon generations of NDP alumnae who participated in the ceremony. The placement of the ring signifies each young women’s acceptance into the sisterhood. The turning of the ring by her schoolmates represents the support and love of her fellow NDP sisters. It is a beautiful and memorable moment.

From Ring Day on, NDP students are connected to the thousands of graduates who came before them. This small piece of jewelry can connect strangers at a party, doctors and patients, and often, brides and their new mothers-in-law. Throughout Baltimore and beyond, the Onyx and Gold is recognized as a symbol of shared experience and memories. Notre Dame’s rings are an outward symbol of the commitment to “…to act justly, to love tenderly, and to walk humbly with God.”

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