In Sync and In Style: NDP’s Iconic Swim Show makes a splash

Using a creative blend of music, choreography, and theatrical elements, Notre Dame Preparatory School’s pool transforms into a stage for the annual Eighth-Grade Synchronized Swim Show. A dazzling display of creativity and sisterhood, this beloved NDP middle school tradition is anticipated all year and is hosted exclusively for current students, parents, and faculty.

Students are empowered to be more than performers during the Synchronized Swim Show. The girls work together to select the theme that will carry through the entire performance. The swimmers also choose their routine groups and offer opinions on the music and costume choices. Throughout the first half of the year, the 8th-graders practice and perfect their routines during swim class in the only all-girls indoor pool facility in the area. Precision is critical and expectations are high. On the day of the swim show, 6th- and 7th-graders file into the pool bleachers to cheer and support their 8th-grade sisters.

The swimming is extraordinary. The music is energizing. The outfits are stunning, but what is most impressive is the girl-to-girl camaraderie on display. Cheers and applause echo from the pool deck as the girls wildly cheer for their classmates. Hugs and high fives are shared among the swimmers in between each routine. It is a gift to witness an entire facility of young girls supporting each other with unbridled enthusiasm. It is a gift shared often on the campus of Notre Dame Preparatory School.

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