Girls in STEAM Will Transform the Future

Notre Dame Preparatory School’s Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (STEAM) program inspires and encourages girls to pursue their passion for STEAM and lays a foundation for future study. In an ever-changing world, future female leaders must be able to solve complex problems, and NDP’s STEAM program provides the skills and experience for such success.

Creative problem solving, hands-on learning, and multi-sensory activities come together in Notre Dame Prep's Middle Level Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) program.
IDT Class in the Middle Level offers self-paced, project based learning.

Starting in grades 6-8, students are exposed to STEAM through creative problem solving, hands-on learning, and multi-sensory activities. Innovate Design Time (IDT) offers self-paced, project-based learning opportunities in courses such as Computer Coding, Digital Communications, Forensic Science, 3-D Printing & Physical Computing, Handbells, Logic & Games, Technology & Digital Citizenship, and Robotics. These classes introduce young learners to state-of-the-art technology and build the skills needed to use them.

“At NDP our approach to STEAM education is to provide opportunities at an early age to allow students to discover their passions.  While in Middle Level, we provide STEAM related tasks for girls to grow their knowledge while building their confidence.  In Upper Level, students have a variety of STEAM course electives, extracurricular clubs and competitions to participate in which provide the knowledge and experience needed to pursue a STEAM major in college.  We want to provide a space for all students to discover their strengths while laying a strong foundation for future success in a STEAM career.”

Mrs. Mary Agnes Sheridan, STEAM Director
Upper Level student collaborate on coding in the Fabrication Lab.

In grades 9-12, students can pursue a general STEAM course of study, or focus on a STEAM pathway in either Architecture & Design, Computer Science, Engineering & Manufacturing, or Medicine. The hub of STEAM at NDP, the 23,500 sq. ft. Innovation Wing houses a two-story Fabrication Laboratory; CyberCenter; Anatomage table for 3D anatomical study; digital media lab; design center; and recording studio. STEAM students delve further into their field of interest through career-focused “WIN-ternships” with area businesses and organizations.

NDP’s two-story Fabrication Lab houses power tools, coding technology, 3-D printers and MORE.

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