Keeping the Memories Alive: Blazer Dash 2016

Each of the girls that we run for during Blazer Dash has left a lasting memory for those that knew the her. Our NDP students are keeping those memories alive and part of the spirit at NDP.
img_0055“I am running for Ashley …
…because I feel her caring and helpful spirit is still alive and strong in NDP’s commitment to service in Baltimore and beyond.” – Julia  ‘17
… because she believed that there are no boundaries, and I agree. Life is limitless, and you can do as much as you want.” – Molly ‘19

img_0050“I am running for Lindsey…
…because I love service. I enjoy doing service, and I feel connected to her.  My favorite service activities are Rafiki and volunteering at St. Clare Outreach Clinic.” – Genevieve ‘17
…because she is a fellow field hockey sister.” – Nicole ‘19

img_0052“I am running for Amanda because she was passionate about Umoja, just like I am. We also both love Gym Meet and were on committees.”  – Anna ‘19

img_0053“I am running for Aileen because we share the same quiet and kind personality.” – Katie ‘19

“I am running for Chas…
… and keeping her spirit alive by playing basketball for NDP.” – Taylor ‘22
img_0054…because I like her athleticism, and it seems right to run for an athletic person.” – Moraa ‘20
…because she was a strong woman who deserves to be remembered.” – Sarah ’19

img_0051“I am running for Mary Carol…
…I devote my spare time to an athletic endeavor much like she did to lacrosse.” – June ‘23
…because lacrosse is my favorite sport, and we are sisters in lacrosse.” – Allie ‘22

img_0048“I am running for Yeardley…
…because I know she was a wonderful person.” – Angela ‘22
…because her story has inspired me to be strong, stand up for myself, and watch out for other girls.” – Jenna ‘17
…because she went to St. Joseph’s and NDP, which I also attended. Yeardley was a nice, happy, and enthusiastic girl. We should all run with a smile, much like hers!” – Lexi ‘21
…because she went to the same elementary school as I did and because she was a lacrosse player, like me.” – Ella ‘21

Who are YOU running for?

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