Go Light Your World

At Notre Dame Prep, traditions are tied to many of our beloved celebrations. These traditions are among the many things that make NDP so special. As Alumnae Engagement Manager, one of my favorites is Christmas Liturgy.

Each year, we welcome home our recently graduated alumnae—this year the Class of 2018. As the honorary class member of the Class of 2018, this year is extra special for me! You can see the excitement on the faces of our young alumnae as they walk through the DSC_0104.JPGdoors of NDP once again. Catching up with classmates and friends, seeing former teachers and mentors—it is a day full of joy!

Christmas Liturgy is the perfect example of the “spirit about this place” we all call home. I think I speak for all when I say that every year I get the chills singing “Go Light Your World” as the auditorium becomes illuminated with the light from each candle we hold. So, to all of our alumnae and NDP family and friends, I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Why do we love Christmas Liturgy? What does this day mean to us? Let’s hear from the Class of 2018!

Lily Brow ‘18
“I am loving hearing the Chamber Choir. I was in it for three years.”

Gabrielle Chambers ‘18DSC_0096.JPG
“Just because this is home!”

Quinn Murphy ‘18
“Because I made some of my best friends here and it’s fun to reminisce in the place where we spent all of our days.”

Haley Stambaugh ‘18
“Every student at NDP has a good attitude, and everybody pulls together as one class at the end of the year.”

Elizabeth Seward ‘18
“To see my fellow classmates that I wouldn’t get to see anywhere else.”DSC_0095

Gloria Healy ‘18
“Because I wanted to see my old friends and teachers. Plus I love seeing the new renovations!”

Lauren Isola ‘18
“It’s good to see familiar faces and be in a happy environment.”

Allie Charney ‘18
“Because I still belong at NDP and I love the music.”

Kate Walsh ’18

“I always did the lighting for plays, liturgies, and my junior year I did the lighting for Christmas liturgy and it was the most beautiful thing.”DSC_0097

Brooke Chaliandes ’18

“The school looks so really festive at Christmas time. And it’s great to hear all of the talented voices during liturgy.”


Blog Post by Shawn Donohue Osmeyer ‘88, Alumnae Engagement Manager




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