5 Tips for a Great Shadow Day at Notre Dame Prep

Students feel like sisters at NDP

A new school year is upon us! At Notre Dame Preparatory School, student voices fill the halls, athletic games are underway, theatre performances are in rehearsal, and we are ready for another season of welcoming a new generation of students and their families.

One of the best ways to experience life at NDP is to spend a day “shadowing” with a current student. Shadowing is when prospective students are paired with a student “ambassador”, who will accompany her to classes, show her the ins-and-outs of the campus, and introduce her to friends, teachers, and coaches.

We asked our Admissions Ambassadors what advice they have for prospective students coming to visit NDP for a Shadow Day. Here is what they told us:

#1: Have fun!

This is probably the most important piece of advice our students could share with you. Enjoy your time here. Build new friendships. Discover a favorite corner of the campus and start to envision yourself walking through the Gateway at Notre Dame Prep.

#2: Ask Questions.

Do not be nervous about asking too many questions. They allow you discover more about the school and how you would fit in. Ask about the girls’ favorites classes and clubs. Don’t hesitate to ask what the class colors mean, who won Gym Meet last year, or what is a tradition you wouldn’t know otherwise. We want to tell you everything.

#3: Be comfortable. We are all sisters!

Our students consider themselves school sisters. Feel free to chat with your Ambassador and all other students during your visit. A lifelong friend may be a seat away.

#4: It is okay if you do not understand what is happening in class.

Remember that you are a year behind your Ambassador. This means she could be doing things in class that you have yet to learn. It is completely okay if you do not understand the material, but try to listen or participate where you are comfortable. You will soon be in your Ambassador’s shoes and know exactly what to do in class.

#5. Get to know your Ambassador.

You and your Ambassador have been purposefully paired together. You likely have things in common, so ask questions and get to know her. She could become your teammate, lab partner, a mentor in the art studio, or a bandmate. The more you get to know her and her friends, the more familiar faces you will see in the halls on your first day.

When you shadow at Notre Dame Prep, you can expect to experience a typical day in the life of an NDP student. You will see and participate in classroom lessons, experience special celebrations or liturgies, get a sense of our sisterhood, and learn what we mean when we say, “There’s a spirit about this place”!

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